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Thank you for visiting  With Prairie View Waterfowling you'll get my "Prairie View Guarantee" to ensure the best hunt possible each and every day!!!

No Mixed Hunt Groups.  Unlike most Saskatchewan outfitters, I don't force you to hunt with complete strangers by mixing groups.  It's your hunt each day and yours only!!!

No Multiple Groups of Hunters.  I only host one hunt group at a time to ensure you are getting the best location each & every day.  I focus on YOUR needs and those of YOUR group ONLY!!!


Small Group Sizes.  I hunt from four to six hunters plus the guide (myself) to maximize realism & concealment. This dramatically increases the quality of each hunt by allowing the birds to work in closer and truly get in the decoys before "calling the shot".  Plus, you won't have eight to ten other guns shooting at the same birds at the same time.

No Sub-Guides or Hired Guides.  I guide each and every hunt to ensure the success & quality of each hunt.  I am there to ensure each and every hunt is the best it can be.

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I'm locked & loaded for another exciting season of amazing waterfowl hunting on the prairies of Saskatchewan after a two year break due to the Covid outbreak.

It's going to be another exciting year as it looks like improved water conditions have returned to the Saskatchewan prairies after last years drought.  With an increased abundance of water, the ducks & geese will be plentiful once again!!!!

I am completely booked for the upcoming season, but should have a couple hunts available in 2023.

Similar to the 2019 season, I'll be posting updates, messages and results on the Prairie View Waterfowling Facebook page.  Please visit that site prior to your departure as it'll provide the most current information.  I will also be in contact with each group leader prior to your departure for relay any last minute information or field any requests.

2022 Pre-Season Update

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