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Where are you located in Saskatchewan?


We hunt in southwest Saskatchewan in an area roughly between Moose Jaw and the Saskatchewan/Alberta border.  The major airports serving our area are the Regina or Saskatoon International Airports.  We recommend that you plan to rent a vehicle (A 4WD pick- up or SUV is preferred) from one of the many common car rental agencies if flying in since we do not provide transportation to or from the either airport due to distance and hunt schedule.  If driving, plan on a 15 hour drive from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  The best route is through Fargo, Minot, North Portal and Moose Jaw.  From there it all depends on our specific hunting location at any given time.  Generally you can plan on a two hour drive from Regina or Saskatoon if flying to our lodging location.

Are you an a officially licensed Saskatchewan Guide & Outfitter?


Yes I am!!!  My Saskatchewan Outfitter number is H2008.  This is a great question because there are a lot of illegal guiding operations being advertised and that are present in Saskatchewan.  These are, of course, illegal and not only will the person posing as a guide be ticketed and fined, their clients will be as well.  Regardless of who you choose to hunt with, it's wise to request a copy of their Outfitters License in advance to be sure they are legal.

What about lodging & accommodations?


We now have a newly constructed lodge in which we will reside beginning this 2018 season that will comfortably sleep six hunters plus myself.  The lodge consists of three large, double occupancy bedrooms , one smaller single bedroom for the guide (i.e. myself), two baths, kitchen, boot/drying room and a large great room.  It will provide much more comfort for our hunters than our previous accommodations and is located out-of-town on the beautiful Saskatchewan prairie where most of our hunting occurs.  A pre-hunt morning snack will be provided with a hearty breakfast to follow after the morning hunt.  Evening dinners will be pre-arranged with each hunt group on a case by case basis.  As most of my clients know, the food is great and you definitely won't go hungry!!!

Can we hunt both ducks & geese?


Yes!!!  Although admittedly I focus hunting ducks in dry fields, I am equipped for and do pursue all three species (Snow, Speck & Canada) of geese on a daily basis.  In fact, one of our zones is located near the largest Specklebelly staging area in the world.  Dark goose hunting in our area is prohibited after noon until October 15.  However, Snow Geese can be hunted all day the entire season.  Snow geese a normally plentiful right from the start of the season through the end, with local and migrating Canada's consistently present.  Most morning duck hunts also provide ample opportunities for geese as well.

What equipment do I need to bring?


Here's the minimum recommended equipment list need for your trip:


  • Shotgun (one spare gun/group if space allows.  I'd also recommend an Improved cylider choke for ducks and a full choke for geese)

  • Ammunition (#4 shot for ducks & BB or #2 for geese.  If you only want to bring one shot size, i'd recommend #2.  See "Licenses & Ammo" below).  3 1/2" shells are not needed on these hunts.  I get the birds in close enough to easily kill with 3" shells and the proper shot size for the bird.

  • Insulated bib's/coveralls (especially after October 15)

  • Insulated camoflage hunting coat

  • Waterproof & Insulated "field" hunting boots & rubber "knee" boots (hip boots or waders are not required)

  • Insulated camoflage cold weather hat

  • Camoflage baseball cap

  • Gloves (2 pair)

  • Cold weather "base layer" undergarments

  • Large cooler (1 per 2 hunters) or two soft sided coolers each to transport birds home.

  • Saskatchewan Hunting & Angling license (HAL) I.D. number (see below)


You do not need waders or hip boots for your trip.  If hunting sloughs, I'll be in the waders on the guided hunts or I'll loan you a set if slough hunting by yourselves in the evenings.

What about bringing guns & ammo into Canada


This is a very easy process.  All that is required is to complete the "Non-Resident Firearms Import Form" (click here), complete the required information, present it to the Canada Customs Officer and pay the required $25.  The Officer will complete his part of the form, have you sign it, verify the serial number on youy weapon and you are good to go.  With regards to ammunition, you are allowed to import 200 rounds "duty free".  That's nearly a case of shells, which is normally sufficient for a 3-4 day hunt.  Both Regina and Saskatoon have a Cabela's store located close to the airport where ammo can be purchased.  I can also import shells to Canada for you if you let us know before I leave to Saskatchewan for the season.  Please be advised to check with your carrier on shell restrictions if flying on the airlines.  Normally they are going to be more restrictive than Canada Customs on the amount you can transport.

How do I get a hunting license?


All hunters need to register with Saskatchewan Environment and receive their "HAL" number to purchase a license.  HAL stands for "Hunting, Angling License".  Please click HERE to complete the registration and receive your number.  You can purchase a license "online", but they still send you the license via "Snail Mail".  I recommend that you bring your HAL number with you and we will purchase the license locally upon your arrival.  If you are showing up late in the evening the night before your hunt, I can pre-buy your license and have it ready for you upon your arrival.  All I need is your HAL number to accomplish this.  Please contact me prior to your departure if this is needed.  Canada Federal Duck Stamps are now only available via the internet, so they must be purchased and printed prior to your arrival.  Please click HERE to arrive at the website to purchase your stamp if desired.  

What if I have a DUI/DWI or a "minor" criminal record?


This is an issue dealt with every year by many hunters trying to get into Canada to pursue their sport.  The U.S. and Canada share all criminal records, so be assured that they won't simply "miss" it when they run your passport upon arrival.  The Canada Government considers all DUI/DWI and some other minor misdemeanors offenses in the U.S. to be a felony in Canada, regardless of where the offense occurred.  The surest way to avoid being "unpleasantly" surprised on your arrival in Canada is to contact Canada Immigrations and work through the process of getting your rights restored.  Although often stated that simply allowing 5 years to expire after serving your "sentence" is satisfactory for entry into Canada by a non-resident, this is not the case in actuality - Especially given that you have a gun with you.  The border agent has the authority to go back as far as they want to make a determination.  You must complete the "Rehabilitation" process to ensure access.  Click here for more information and contact numbers to resolve this issue well before your trip.  I wish you the best of luck in this process!!!!

Any other questions...........


If you have any other questions about your hunt, please contact me at any time day or night.  I can be reached by cell phone or text at 612-965-9576 or by email at  After the end of September and due to limited cell phone reception in Saskatchewan, I'd suggest that you text me with your question(s) initially and I'll call you back ASAP when I have decent cell service and not in the field.

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