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Hello, my name is Clayton Keister and I'm the owner & sole guide of Prairie View Waterfowling.  I appreciate you choosing to visit my site and considering Prairie View as a potential choice for a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt.  
As mentioned on my home page, Prairie View Waterfowling is a small, licensed waterfowl guide & outfitting service located in south central Saskatchewan. I intentionally keep my operation on the small side to ensure the highest quality of hunting for you & your guests.  Being able to maintain the personalized service & flexibility to structure the hunt to your specific needs is my goal.  To do this effectively, I have to do things that most outfitters won't do, such as limit the number of hunt groups in camp to one, not mix hunt groups and guide each and every hunt myself.  Great hunts aren't always defined by the number of birds killed.  They usually include other intangible elements as well.  I attempt to maximize all these elements to produce those "great" hunts that become etched in our memories for a  long time.
Having hunted waterfowl for over 40+ years from the dry fields of the Saskatchewan prairie to the flooded timber of the Arkansas Delta, throughout the Dakota's and all the way to the salt marshes of Nevada, I've accumulated the experience required to know the elements that make successful hunts.  While I'll admit, my main passion is shooting Mallard's in dry fields & flooded timber, I am also very adept at killing geese of all types and am equipped to do so.
I invite you to come enjoy a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt with Prairie View Waterfowling.  I know you'll have an experience of a life time.  Please feel free to contact me by phone, text or email anytime if you have any questions.  I can provide references by request if needed.  Thanks again for the visit & I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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