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Non-Resident Licenses

You will need to possess a "Hunting and Angling License identification ("HAL") number to purchase your hunting license either online or in-person.  I highly recommend that you have you HAL ID prior to arriving in Saskatchewan for your hunt thus making the licensing process much quicker & smoother for you.  There is no cost to register for a HAL number.  Please click here to arrive at the Saskatchewan Environment website to register for your HAL number or to purchase your license online. 


Canada duck stamps can no longer be purchased at the local Canada Post offices and must be purchased online prior to departing for hunt.  YOU MUST HAVE A PRINTED CANADA ENVIRONMENT WATERFOWL STAMP IN YOUR PHYSICAL POSSESSION WHILE HUNTING TO BE LEGAL.  Please click here to arrive at the Canada Environment website to purchase your stamp.  Remember, you NEED to compete this PRIOR to arriving in Canada for your hunt.

Canada Firearms Import Form

Click here to download the Canada Non-Resident Firearms Import Form (RCMP 5589) and instructions.  I highly recommend that you complete the form prior to your arrival in Canada.  Please note that all shotguns need to be plugged to hold no more than three shells total and that hand guns are expressly forbidden in Canada.  Also please note that this form must be in your immediate possession while hunting in Canada and that U.S. Customs will check the guns serial number against the form upon your return to the U.S.  The cost of the permit is $25 CAD and you can import up to three guns on each form.  Each hunter must complete and possess a valid permit while hunting with a firearm.

Canada Customs (CBSA)

Click on this link for information on traveling into Canada as a non-resident.  Here you will find declaration limits for the duty free imporatation of alcohol, tobacco, ammunition, personal goods, etc.. Please note that each individual is limited to 200 rounds (8 boxes) duty free.  You can plan to shoot two boxes of shells per day on average on ducks.  So if on a three day hunt, plan to shoot six boxes of duck loads (I'd recommend #4 shot) and then bring two boxes of BB for geese (3" or 3 1/2").  If flying by airlines, you will be limited to even less.  If you feel more ammunition is needed for your hunt, please contact us by mid-September and we will pre-purchase it and take it up when we go for the season.  Extra ammunition charges will be added to your hunting fee's and paid prior to the commencement of your hunt.

Saskatchewan Weather

Here you can check out the weather forecast for your hunt.  Saskatchewan weather is very unpredictable.  In October it can go from high's of 90 degrees one week to high's in the 20's the following week.  If hunting during the first half of October you can plan to see high temperatures in the high 60's to low 70's, with lows near freezing each morning.  During the back half of October, the high temps range from freezing to the mid-forties with lows in the low to mid twenties.  If your hunt in in November, it's normally winter......Be prepared!!!!  Another aspect of Saskatchewan weather is that the wind always blows making windchill a definite factor to consider.  While our layout blinds provide some protection from the cold and wind, it's still a factor.  Knit hats, facemasks and insulated gloves are a must.  Allegies are often a problem with many hunters due to wind, dust, dry conditions and grain stubble used on the blinds.  If you are allegic to plants, dust, pollen, etc., please do not forget your allegy medicine.  Contact lens wearers should also consider the dust levels and pack accordingly.

Capra's Sporting Goods

For the best in hunting, fishing & archery equipment, please visit Capra's today.  These guy's support Prairie View Waterfowling in a number of ways that, without their help, each season would be much more difficult than it is.  As a service-based stocking retailer of all the top brands, such as Browning, Winchester, Benelli, Matthews, Lowrance, Loomis and much more, they are capable of providing solutions to your sporting needs anywhere in the U.S.. I use them and so should you.  Give them a call and ask for Jerry.  Tell him you hunt with me and your needs will be handled quiclkly and professionally.

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