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The typical hunt day with Prairie View begins with a wake up call around 4:30 AM.  After a snack and some much needed caffiene, we head to the fields around 5 AM.  Once in the chosen field, everyone helps set a mix of duck & goose decoys and brush up blinds.  With a group of four hunters, this normally takes about 30 minutes - a little more with less hunters, a little less with more. It's good exercise, wakes everyone up and gets the adreneline pumping. WIth the first light starting to appear in the east, we warm up the coffee mugs, park the trucks and begin the awsome sight of the start of whats bound to be another great day of hunting, fellowship and comraderie.  The first waves of ducks usually begin to show up 15 minutes before legal shooting time and provide for an awesome sight as they work the decoys over and over - often times landing on or in between the blinds!!!  Once legal shooting time arrives, it's "game on". Right from the start, the shooting normally is normally fast paced with the next set of birds often coming to the decoys from a distance while we are still shooting at the group in the decoys.  It's not uncommon to shoot five limits of eight ducks within a half hour to 45 minutes of the first shot of the morning. Once limited out on ducks, it's time to put the hurt on the geese.  Geese normally will fly from sun up to 9:30 or 10:00 depending on the weather.  Once the geese begin their return to the roost, it's time to pick up and head in for a hearty breakfast, bird cleaning and a little relaxation or a short nap.  Afternoons can bring a number of options.  If the daily duck limit hasn't been reached, an evening slough hunt is the norm.  If the weather favors an afternoon Snow goose hunt, we'll set up for that.  If not, it's usually spent chasing upland game, such as Hungarian Partridge or Sharp-Tail Grouse.  An afternoon chasing Coyote's with the .223 is always fun as well.  Once darkness sets in, it's time for dinner, reflection on the days hunt and off to bed to get up and do it all over again in the morning.   


Waterfowl Hunting with Prairie View Waterfowling

Species Hunted



Snow Goose


Canada Goose


Sharp Tail

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